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How does your service stand out?

People see results! This motivates them to keep going and maintaining their fitness.

What do you enjoy about the work you do? 

When I can help a client reach their goal and I see how pleased they are with their success, it is very rewarding.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a personal trainer?

I would tell them, if you need help getting fit and eating healthy, hire a professional. Hire someone that is currently certified from an organization, such as, the International Sport Science Association (ISSA). ISSA Certified Specialists, Coaches and Trainers keep abreast of new developments in health and fitness. We must earn our certification renewal every two years. I am fully qualified to create a personalized exercise and nutritional program that is right for each individual. You cannot use a cookie cutter model and think it will fit everyone. Our bodies, our metabolism, our age and strength are all different. In addition, make sure your trainer is a good listener. 

What is included in your personalized fitness program?

Every client who hires me as their personal trainer will receive the following:  a free fitness phone consultation, nutritional meal planning assistance, they learn proper breathing and stretching technique, they learn to safely use weights and fitness equipment, each receives one on one fitness coaching and will participate in various fitness activities to prevent boredom. In addition, my clients start to look their best and feel good about themselves.

Contact me at and let's get started.

Professional Standards of Personal Training

ISSA expects ​members to conduct themselves according to the following professional standards in order to provide the highest quality of service possible to their clients and community.

Serve clients with integrity, competence, objectivity, and impartiality, always putting the clients needs, interests, and requests ahead of their own and striving for client satisfaction.

Return calls promptly, Be on time for every training session, Pay attention to the client during training sessions.

Put in the extra effort to ensure that the client stays on the path to health and wellness.

Recognize the value of continuing education by upgrading and improving knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis, as well as keeping abreast of relevant changes in all aspects of exercise programming theory and techniques.

Adhere to safe and recognized standards of practice and advocate healthy lifestyles for their clients.

Work towards the ultimate goal of helping clients become more self-sufficient over time, reducing the number of supervised training sessions.

Always document training sessions, evaluations and training programs.

Respect client confidentiality and never release client information and records of client cases without written release from the client.

Adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in all dealings with clients.

Follow the highest standards of business principles, integrity, and professionalism.​​ Windsor Mill area.

Debra At Hawaii photo shoot
Debra At Hawaii photo shoot