Physical Fitness for Older Adults

Seniors Can Live Healthy, Active Lives


Growing older does not mean the end of a healthy, active life. Your golden years can be filled with many wonderful experiences, happiness, and good health. An easy way to start is to assess your lifestyle habits and decide on changes that should be made. You can thoroughly enjoy this stage of your life. If you are not sure where to start, or if you need some assistance, you can contact a home health agency or a community center that offers senior services. There are many people willing to offer help and advice. You can enjoy good health and good times during this exciting phase of your life.      

 Nutrition for Seniors

Some people have the wrong impression of diets appropriate for senior citizens. Unless your physician has advised specific dietary restrictions due to a medical condition, you can benefit from a wide range of nutritious foods. Proper nutrition is one of the most important keys to good health.

There is nutrition in each food group that you need in your daily diet. Dairy products, protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Each food group contributes something essential to your health.

When planning your diet, do not forget water. Water keeps you refreshed, hydrated and helps your digestive system stay a healthy. Unless your physician has a different recommendation, eat three meals every day.  

Lower Cholesterol

I have used 09Body Training to help many overweight clients achieve success. I actively work with health care professionals. Some have referred clients that need help with diet and exercise in order to lower their cholesterol. So, if you want a program that's proven to work and designed for you to achieve maximum results, I can help. Email me at fitness program design Windsor Mill

Debra Baker at a fitness promotional event.

Debra Baker at a fitness promotional event.

Ernestine Shepherd Fit and Fabulous



Ernestine Shepherd is still fit and fabulous at age 81. She is a renown bodybuilder, fitness, trainer marathon runner and grandmother. She epitomizes the fact that it's never too late to get fit and healthy. How does she maintain her hourglass figure and still manage to juggle an active lifestyle? Ernestine continues to stay active by running, lifting weights, training clients and preparing for her next competition. program design Windsor Mill

Egg Whites


I asked Ernestine how her diet impacts her weight loss. The one food that is predominant in her diet is egg whites. She eats and drinks egg whites daily. Analysis has shown that egg whites are pure protein and is nature's number one source of natural protein. It has no fat, cholesterol trans fats and 2 grams of carbohydrates per 8 ounces. Egg whites are perfect for losing weight and building muscle. One 8 ounce cup of liquid egg whites supply 26 grams of pure protein. Muscles need protein to grow but it also burns fat used for energy. No wonder our fitness diva has only nine percent (9%) of body fat. program design Windsor Mill

Avid Runner

 Ernestine runs several miles every day, in addition to weight training. She is st​ll running marathons and teaching fitness classes. Ernestine is still inspiring women of all ages. Age is biological, not physical. So, it is never too late to start. program design Windsor Mill